The public institution “Centre for the Cultural Development of   Society” is   a non-profit organization, established in 2002 in Vilnius (Algirdo 2-36).

The aims of the Institution are:

  • To promote the same opportunities for men and women.
  • To develop intercultural contacts among young people and support cultural identity of different groups and communities.
  • To support the complete formation of the person with the particular aim of integrating women into all development stages of the society.

To achieve its aims the public institution “Centre for the Cultural Development of Society” has organized the following activities in 2016:

  • Self-knowledge and communication with other training programme (for students).
  • Courses and seminars on family pedagogy (for women and families).
  • Culinary art courses (for students and women).
  • Events and projects devoted to the occupation during the free time (clubs and camps).
  • Social help and intercultural activities with students from other countries who come to volunteer in Lithuania (social camps).
  • Activities and exchanges with young people of other European countries (seminars and conferences)

Contact information:

Algirdo g. 2-36,
LT-03161 Vilnius,

Organization’s Website:

Contact person:
Isabelle Gaullier

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