Youth and Culture Foundation


Youth and Culture Foundation (Fundación Juventud y Cultura) is a non-profit and private Foundation that looks for achieving the follow objectives:

  • to promote the participation young people and adults in European projects;
  • to bring the European educative policies closer to the civil society;
  • to promote a better knowledge about the European Union policies and the EU in general;
  • to support a better employment among young people and adults through the participation in European projects;
  • to foster the participation of European citizens in local, regional, national and European politics.

The main activities of the Foundation are:

  • organisation of courses, seminaries and other training activities;
  • providing technical support in writing projects (mainly in the framework of European programmes) for public and private bodies;
  • promoting social inclusion through European projects and European activities;
  • promoting social and economical development, fostering entrepreneurship and enhancing labour market access with no discrimination.

The Foundation has good relationships with important networks of public and private organisations both in Spain, all over the country, and internationally, in Europe and beyond. According to the topics and activities proposed in the projects, the Foundation is able to do the right matchmaking to start new cooperations and involve balanced and complementary partnerships to carry out transnational activities.

Contact information:

Reyes Católicos st., 11.
41001 – Seville,

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Gloria Jurado Sánchez

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