Fundacija Sursum


Fundacija Sursum is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. Since 2007 Sursum has promoted the integral, human and cultural formation of the person and tries to offer insights to the challenges women face today.

The mission of Fundacija Sursum is to carry out activities aimed at training, education and sociocultural promotion of women and young people in the Republic of Slovenia, the European Union and other countries.

The association encourages the integration of European countries and coordinates, manages and carries out activities and cultural exchanges between citizens of the European Union at all levels with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences, to harness the potential of inter-cultural training and to improve relationships with people of other cultures, promoting solidarity, tolerance and respect for others.

Fundacija Sursum supports and promotes activities all around in Slovenia, which includes a student residence, clubs with study facilities for young people and a conference Center.

We run as well several projects which tries to achieve our aims and objectives as well as our way of working and philosophy of empowering young people and encouraging European Citizenship.

Fundacija Sursum

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Jamova cesta 18,
1000 Ljubljana

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Lucia Kiriakidis

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