The EU suffers from a dramatic situation concerning unemployment, especially among young people, doubling unemployment rates for all ages. In addition, the ramping poverty and inequalities figures, social segregation, the migration crisis and the rise of xenophobia in Europe are causing a race to the bottom regarding the pan-european solidarity and volunteering schemes.

Between 92 and 94 million of Europeans, according to recent reports, are engaged in voluntary activities, standing for a 3% of the GPD in developed countries.

In this context, the general objective of the EYESA project is to provide capacity building opportunities to young volunteers to improve their social performance and undertake entrepreneurial activities, supporting new business creation in the social protection field. Another key aspect of the EYESA project is to better identify and manage the availability of required skills, competences and qualifications for our young volunteers, and to help preventing skills gaps and mismatches that could undermine the EU business competitiveness.

EYESA foresees training in basics, social, civic, cross-cutting and digital skills, as the ability to learn and initiative-taking. Furthermore, the project will provide specific professional abilities to take into consideration concrete needs of main vulnerable target groups (economic migrants and refugees, Roma people, homelessness, hospitalized children, elderly, disable people, poor families, among others).

Main issues to be tackled are:

  1. The low awareness of youth volunteers work.
  2. To prevent early school leaving.
  3. To seize unused young workforce.
  4. To generate transfers of knowledge in this field.
  5. To improve social action and soften the EU civic life.

The project will enhance a much-needed pan-european culture of solidarity and will provide a set of common skills to young volunteers. This approach would also help preventing the creation of an unbalanced European workforce between regions or the emergence of new asymmetrical shocks. Removing these barriers is essential to solve the EU employment and social action crisis, whilst taking advantage of the European values.

Transnational exchange of knowledge will contribute to improving capacity-building activities at a future national, regional and local level.
To sum up, EYESA project aims to improve the performance of young volunteers’ social action whilst providing them the necessary skills to:

  1. help them improve the performance of their social action.
  2. improve their employability.
  3. transform them into active members of the European society.

Project duration: 01/10/2017-15/02/2020: 28,5 months

Strategic Partnership – Development of Innovation